Kyros The Overlord

For over 400 years, the armies of Kyros the Overlord have marched across the known world, conquering everything and everyone in their path. Some have surrendered and some have simply been crushed, but all the same, those who remain have come to know a new order: Kyros’ Law. For a figure whose name is known to everyone, it is perhaps strange how little is truly known about Kyros. Those who are close to the Overlord say that direct knowledge is irrelevant -- whether one fears, serves, or reveres Kyros, in the end it is obedience that is the key to surviving in the Overlord’s world.

Kyros Edicts

Kyros edicts

There is no force in the world as terrifying as a direct Edict from the Overlord. Kyros possesses the unfathomable power to pass judgement upon the world with only a sentence or two -- words that, when spoken, can rewrite the very fabric of reality with devastating spells. The lands under Kyros’ rule bear the scars from these Edicts -- shattered cities, crumbled mountains, and worse. Few remain with the will to risk another Edict by defying Kyros’ Law.

Kyros Laws

Kyros laws

Kyros’ laws are numerous, and it is the duty of Fatebinders to interpret them in their judgments. Some laws are absolute, some are contradictory, and some are both absolute and contradictory. Fatebinders spend many years learning Kyros’ laws, the judgments handed down by previous generations of Binders, and the times when Kyros punished a Fatebinder for overstepping with their judgments.




Verse represents the bravado of the Scarlet Chorus. She’s constantly proving herself, challenging others, prodding for weaknesses, and delighting in the social power play within Kyros’ more volatile army. Her free spirit and playful sarcasm make her a fitting counterpoint to Barik and his iron walls of emotional repression.

Verse is a Scarlet Fury – one of the elite fighters in the Chorus, possessing training in all manner of exotic weapons and fighting styles. Combat for Furies is an art form, a coordinated dance ruled by passion over reason or tactics.

Like all members of the Chorus, Verse started out as a civilian in the southern continent of the Tiers – an ordinary girl on an ordinary farm. When the armies of Kyros arrived and started conscripting from the local populace, Verse recognized her calling. She was one of the few mad enough to volunteer and begin her new life in the howling mob, where she made a point of rising in the ranks with bloodthirsty ambition.



Barik is the quintessential Disfavored soldier. He embodies all of the rigid and uncompromising values that Graven Ashe’s iron legion holds dear. He’s polite, respectful of authority, and doggedly intolerant of anyone born outside of the Overlord’s long shadow.

During the war against the Tiers, Barik did not retreat with the rest of the Disfavored when word came that the Overlord Kyros was about to proclaim an Edict upon the realm of Stalwart. As Kyros’ Edict of Storms swept across the land, Barik was caught in the magical winds – winds that bore the weapons and armor of Barik’s phalanx and the enemies they fought. . To this day, Barik wears his armor of fused iron and bronze – durable protection, yet an unyielding mark of his failure. No one has been able to free him from the armor he was sealed into by Kyros’ Edict.



Lantry is a Sage of the School of Ink and Quill. He’s a man of letters and numbers, a student of magic and nature, and an archivist obsessed with the accurate accounting of important people and events. His life’s work has been contributing to the Chronicle, the running archive-of-all-things built over the ages through the long work of hundreds of Sages.

Lantry uses his arcane training to witness history where it happens, as it happens – for him, magic is a tool to gain access to the battlefields, backroom dealings, and hidden ceremonies that most have to read about after the fact. As a student of history, Lantry has a certain adoration for Kyros, for no one has the power to define the unfolding march of events quite like the Overlord – nobody in recorded history even comes close.


Kills in shadow

Kills-in-Shadow is a monster. She’s frightening and hairy. She stinks of wet animal and has an insatiable bloodlust for violence and slaughter. She’s also a clever hunter, a brutish, skilled fighter, and is tenaciously loyal (unless, of course, she has sensed a weakness) to whomever she chooses to follow, whether that be her ruthless sister, Creeping-Death, who was the last leader of their savage tribe, or a human Fatebinder stronger than even the toughest of Beastwomen.

As the last survivor of her tribe, she’s on a single-minded hunt for blood and vengeance, and will not be satisfied until each and every Disfavored has been wiped from Terratus. If most Beastwomen are hyenas, Kills-in-Shadow is a lone lioness–proud, regal, and wholly deadly. Drawn by a spectacular display of strength and prowess, she is now stalking the Fatebinder’s scent.



Eb is a member of an order of mages that study manipulation of water in all its forms. Though their magic makes them formidable in battle, the School of Tides devoted their efforts to the study of the arts and cornering trade along the coasts. While these efforts gave the school prestige and acceptance, they’ve also turned the school into a peaceful order, one unready for war and they were defeated with ease during Kyros conquest.

Having lost her husband, children, home, school, and realm to the war, Eb’s life is now little more than battle and living on the run. With the death of her three mentors, Eb is now the last of her kind.

Proud to have been born unbowed to Kyros but unburdened by the delusion that she has any chance of winning, Eb now wages her own war against the invaders, rallying to whatever band of Tiersmen is still willing to fight. Though she knows true victory is impossible, that won’t stop her from slaying as many of the foreign invaders as she can on her way out.

Sirin - Archon of Song


Sirin caused the death of more people before she was seven than most soldiers do in their entire careers. One of the few mages on Terratus who was born with magic, Sirin first displayed her abilities the first time she cried. Her parents quickly learned anyone who heard Sirin’s voice was compelled by the emotion behind it.

Eventually, tales of Sirin’s voice reached Kyros, who knew that if this child truly was as powerful as everyone said, she could be a power tool for conquest. Using the Voices of Nerat, Kyros kidnapped Sirin from her family and delivered her to the royal court for training.

Once she was deemed ready (and properly under control), she was given back to the Voices of Nerat to help the Scarlet Chorus in their recruiting efforts. From that point on, her voice was used to convince any and all to join the Scarlet Chorus and fight for Kyros. But Sirin knew that she – and her voice – were simply a means to an end and that the moment she stopped being useful, her life was forfeit, so she did her best to recruit as many bodies as she could for the Chorus while planning a means of escape if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Kyros Forces

Though Kyros peace is being delivered to the Tiers, several fractions still fight for power or the approval of the Overlord. As a Fatebinder you must choose your allies carefully, as each favorable action in one direction might have a counter reaction from a rival group. Kyros forces are made up by equal measures conscripts and volunteers. Though the Overlords forces are overwhelmingly large and made up of all kind of people, beast and monsters, two of their biggest armies has been sent to conquer the tiers: The Scarlet Chorus and the Disfavored.

The Scarlet Chorus

Scarlet chorus

The largest of Kyros’ forces is the loose collective of the Scarlet Chorus -- more a crazed horde than an orderly army. Led by the enigmatic Voices of Nerat, the Archon of Secrets, the Scarlet Chorus enforce the will of Kyros through sheer unstoppable fury and overwhelming numbers.

When the Scarlet Chorus overtakes an enemy, the survivors are given the choice to join their ranks or perish -- leaving the Chorus mostly populated by those desperate or insane enough to accept the offer. Leadership within the Scarlet Chorus is simply a matter of outlasting or usurping one’s superiors, and most do not get the chance to try.

The Disfavored


Only the finest of trained warriors are accepted into The Disfavored, the elite army led by Graven Ashe, Archon of War. Though they are the smallest of Kyros’ forces in number, their superior training and unparalleled discipline make them more than a match for any army who would oppose them.

The Disfavored believe first and foremost in order and discipline, and do not act with cruelty. However, against any who would violate Kyros’ law, they are without mercy or pity, and are not above any brutal tactic or method to secure a victory -- for in the end, that is all that matters.


Archons are women and men who possess incredible powers. They are more than just skilled fighters or mages. Each Archon has unique abilities that set them above the rest of humanity. No one knows how the Archons obtain their powers, but dozens of Archons currently bow to Kyros’ will.

Tunon - Archon of Justice


Tunon the Adjudicator is the Archon of Justice and creator of the Fatebinders. Eldest of the Archons in service to Kyros, he has served the Overlord for over 400 years. Tunon is a cold and dispassionate figure, devoid of emotion and sentiment. All that moves him is his devotion to Kyros’ law.

The full extent of Tunon’s powers is unknown. What is known is that the other Archons, beings of immense power in their own right, fear his judgment almost as much as they fear the Overlord’s displeasure.

Graven Ashe - Archon of War

Graven ashe

Graven Ashe is the Archon of War and general of the Disfavored, one of Kyros’ elite armies. He has the ability to take on the pain and wounds those under his command. His soldiers will rise from the battlefield, healed of all but the most lethal wounds.

Before serving Kyros, Graven Ashe fought against the Overlord in defense of his homeland. Weakened from a massive battle against another of the Overlords Archons, Graven Ashe was dragged before Kyros. No one knows what the Overlord said, or did, to the rebellious general but from that day forward, Graven Ashe served Kyros loyally as the new Archon of War.

The Voices of Nerat - Archon of Secrets

Voices of nerat

Few in the Empire speak of the Voices of Nerat for only the foolish wish to draw the eye of Kyros’ Spymaster and torturer. The Voices serves Kyros with a fanatic’s devotion. Even the slightest hint of treason is enough to draw his wrath.

In recent years the Voices of Nerat has formed his own army under Kyros rule. Forsaking the whispers of his spies and the sanguine gloom of his torture chambers, the Archon of Secrets now marches to war as leader of the Scarlet Chorus.

Only Kyros and the eldest Archons remember the Voices’ origin, and they do not speak of it. Is Nerat the name of a person? A place? Or something else entirely? What powers does he possess, and what face lies behind his ornate bronze mask?

Bleden Mark - Archon of Shadow

Blenden mark

The eyes of Bleden Mark watch from every shadow. He is Kyros’ executioner, tasked with ending the lives of those Kyros deems dangerous. There is no army that marches behind Bleden Mark, no city hails him as ruler, and no great monument that boasts his name. While the other Archons surround themselves with human trappings, Bleden Mark is cloaked solely in shadow.

Though Bleden Mark owes allegiance to Kyros, the Archon of Shadows is often used to carry out Tunon’s judgments.